Hidden In Plain Sight Trailer

In partnership with sponsors from Mid-State Health Network and Blue Cross Complete, the Shiawassee Prevention Network created a way to help parents recognize signs of youth substance use which may be hiding in plain sight.

The Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer is a mobile initiative intended to introduce parents to warning signs of potential substance use among youth. By encouraging parents to walk through a mock teen’s bedroom, they are able to search for any clues and learn where drugs may be hiding.

This hands-on educational tool will help train adults to notice the small details that comes with alcohol and drug use. As the substance use among youth rise, new ways of concealing items are becoming easier for youth but harder for adults to spot. It’s a great opportunity to educate family members on the importance of keeping a drug free home.

The trailer will travel within Shiawassee County to educate the community on identifying signs of use, along with aiding parents in gaining knowledge about youth use by providing resources and information. The trailer is available for events to help spread awareness and bring light to the epidemic that is substance use among our youth.

For additional information on the trailer, sponsorship or to schedule an event, please contact us at (989) 723-8239 or fill out the request form below.

A special “thank you“ to our sponsors:

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