OK2SAY is the student safety program that allows students to confidentially report tips on potential harm or criminal activities directed at students, school employees, and schools. OK2SAY is a nationally recognized program giving students the tools to step up and speak out when they are concerned about their safety or the safety of another.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Suicide threats (yourself or someone you know)

  • Bullying/cyberbullying

  • Other (anxiety, stress, depression, harassment)

  • Sexual misconduct or assault

  • Drugs

  • Child abuse

  • Self-harm

  • Any threat


Ultimately, it’s about early intervention and prevention. When students make the courageous decision to break the code of silence and speak out against harmful behavior, they equip authorities with the information needed to respond to threats and avert tragedy. And that’s a good thing for Michigan schools, communities, and families.

So, let’s stand up for youth safety. Remember: it’s OK2SAY.

To learn more about OK2SAY, click here


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